DJROPE.COM® is a brand created by EM.PI.DI. SRL, a company founded in 1982 and active in metalworks and high precision mechanical industry. The company maintains all the distinctive features that always marked our work style: high production flexibility and high quality; those traits granted us, in over 38 years of activity, an outstanding reputation in our commercial sector.

The DJROPE project was born in 2008, aiming at creating a new brand in the fitness sector, specialized in making professional jump ropes, to grant out customers the best quality on the market in terms of materials and design. Since then our catalog has grown and expanded with new models, all characterized by the utmost attention to detail and production that is entirely made in Italy.

DJROPE represents the brand under which all our products in the fitness sector and jump ropes come together.

Our goal is to create an Italian brand able to offer the highest quality technical equipment, with a characteristic design, which can compete with the international market, now saturated with many low-cost alternatives, supporting Italy by making all products in the our country.